Fort Lauderdale's event for Parking Day

by K47

Friday September 16th is PARK(ing) Day:  an annual, world-wide event to promote creativity and design in an urban setting. Metered parking spots across the globe will be transformed into temporary mini parks and other types of enjoyable outdoor spaces. The purpose is to support beautification of the city, inspire innovation and promote public goodwill.  This is an “open-source” event that invites citizens, artists and activist to “rent” a parking space and create and use an outdoor, urban environment… until the meter runs out!

PARK(ing) Day began in San Fancisco in 2005. Rebar, a design/art studio, converted a metered parking spot in the downtown area into a temporary park. They used the space for the allotted meter time of two hours and a few weeks later a single photo of the transformed space travelled across the web, sparking requests to promote this project in other cities.  This event’s popularity has grown each year, and in 2010, 850 parks were created in 183 cities in 30 countries across 6 continents.

Cadence, a local landscape-architecture firm, will be participating in PARK(ing) Day here in Ft. Lauderdale. They will rent a space in the Financial District downtown (map: )

Cadence co-founders Gage Couch and Rebecca Bradley built furniture out of recycled wood pallets for their space, and they invite you all to join them in their creation from 7:30am-1:30pm this Friday.  “In order to be a success, we must have visitors to use the space, “says Rebecca, “Sometimes we all need to step out of the “norm” and take the time to re-imagine everyday places in a whole new way. Urban transformation powered by the people!”

Gage and Rebecca received clearance for this gathering from several city departments. If you are interested in renting a spot of your own, be sure to contact the City of Fort Lauderdale and clearly outline your plan and purpose. Or, just join in on the fun with Gage and Rebecca. Also, remember that the purpose of PARK(ing) Day is to support beautification of the city, inspire innovation and promote public goodwill. This gathering is not to promote any business, service or product.  Happy PARK(ing)! Facebook page:  Park(ing) day Fort Lauderdale

Check out some photos from Park(ing) Day in other cities after the jump:

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