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A couple months ago the FTLC visited the National Lampoon Underground on Ft. Lauderdale beach just south of Sunrise Boulevard. While we enjoyed the comedy and recommended checking it out, we also questioned whether a sparsely attended comedy club could survive at an obviously expensive location without making certain improvements (our suggestions included losing the dreadful “Naitonal Lampoon” as well as hosting local music). Well, being from Ft. Lauderdale, we obviously should have considered another option: they could support an expensive and under-attended comedy club via Ponzi scheme.

Yes, the President and CEO of National Lampoon Inc was recently arrested for defrauding investors in a $200 million Ponzi scheme. Read about it here and here.

Now, the suggestion that the Ponzi scheme is an any way connected to the comedy club on FTL beach is pure speculation, of course. And we wish the Underground nothing but the best, although we would more enthusiastically support a locally owned comedy club in the same (or another) location rather than a club run by an out-of-state company controlled by a thief. But other businesses in this fine city have been supported (for a time) via Ponzi before. And using those businesses as a guide, you should probably check out National Lampoon Underground sooner rather than later.

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