By Strawberry Jam

Being a longtime Rod enthusiast, I naturally held some skepticism and high expectations when I first heard of “Hot Rod”, South Florida’s “legendary” Rod Stewart impersonator. Nevertheless, I remained quite excited over the months I’d waited until we could finally make a Wednesday night performance to see Hot Rod in the flesh at The Field Irish Pub in Dania.

What was supposed to be a 7:30pm show turned into an almost two-hour guessing game as to when the “rock star” himself would grace the stage. Meanwhile, he worked the crowd: schmoozing the ladies, posing for pictures, and accepting drinks. Clearly, the man had a following, and soon we’d find out if it was rightfully so.

Once taking the mic, he stated his first one would be a warm-up, and after receiving a warm reception shortly thereafter, he declared there was no point in finishing the song if you’ve already gotten the applause. Touché. The rest of the set included favorites and top hits (Maggie May, Young Turks) as well as a few slow ones (Tonight’s the Night). Overall, I give Hot Rod an A+ for performance and look and a B+ for voice, no complaints.

In addition to a pretty solid performance, The Field serves quite the yummy dishes. This trip we enjoyed the corned beef and cabbage, obviously, coconut shrimp (I know, but it sounded so good, and was), Irish Potato Soup, and Country Bread. The corned beef was nice- juicy, tender, and filling (enough for two meals). The soup, one of my favorites, was rich and creamy- all that you’d dream of in a potato soup. I could easily order a bowl and call it a meal in itself. Not to mention, an order of bread is literally a loaf served on a wooden board with a serrated knife. The coconut shrimp, one of the night’s specials, was served with an orange marmalade, and, like all our other dishes, was exactly what you’d expect- in a very good way. Everything was fresh and tasty as it should be and only set us back about $26 before tip, not to mention set to a pretty amusing show.

In addition to great food and entertainment, The Field is quaintly decorated like and old (large) wooden farmhouse and service is on par.

Catch Hot Rod Wednesdays “at” 7:30 and (not yet reviewed) 2ofUs (Beatles Tribute Band) Tuesdays at 7:30.

For hours, directions, and more info, head to The Field’s website.

Hot Rod at The Field from FTL Collective on Vimeo.

Corned Beef and Cabbage


Coconut Shrimp , Irish Potato Soup, and Country Bread

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