by Fat Hand

Porterhouse hints at Creolina's return to Ft Lauderdale

Great news for downtown Ft. Lauderdale folks that like to eat: our sources tell usthat Creolina’s is moving back to Himmarshee Village! The soon-to-be reopened restaurant reportedly will be taking over Porterhouse’s old digs at the corner of Himmarshee and, uh, the train tracks (I really don’t know the name of that alley…Voodoo Junction? Rodman Road?).

Creolina’s was a long-time downtown favorite, known for its insanely good cajun inspired grub and was located just a door or two down from its supposed new location, in what is now part of that completely unnecessary Club 13 / El Carnivale duo of bars adjacent to Latino Fire.  This FTL Collective beat-writer shed more than one tear when the original incarnation closed in 2008, after which it reopened in Davie with a slightly different format.

As of Sunday, December 5 there was no physical evidence that Creolina’s has taken over the spot, as the old Porterhouse menu remains posted outside. Porterhouse’s Facebook page says “Watch for the “GRAND OPENING” of a whole new food and entertainment experience on 2nd in downtown Fort Lauderdale!” and “Bourbon on 2nd, anyone? Stay tuned for big news!”  Please Facebook you god-of-the-internet, let our sources be sober and accurate with the news that a new Creolina’s is on the horizon.

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