One the nicest areas to go for a walk in Fort Lauderdale is Riverwalk in downtown. A typical stroll down along the New River produces lots of sights: a good view of the skyline, the Jungle Queen, the massive yacht of the owner of the New Orleans Hornets, the Urban Market, Old Fort Lauderdale, the well dressed homeless guy who feeds the stray cats,  the Jimmy Buffet crowd at Briny’s, high schoolers filming skateboarding videos at Huizenga Park,  the Venice-style gondola, and our tallest building (a condo, go figure). Chances are, most people aren’t staring at the ground while they walk along this visually stimulating area of downtown. Luckily for you, S Jam and myself spent a portion of an afternoon with our eyes glued to the red rectangular slabs of concrete beneath our feet, searching for the best bricks in the city. The signature bricks can be found as far east as the Cheesecake Factory, but we decided to focus on the portion of bricks from The Symphony Condos to the SW 4th Avenue circle. Unsurprisingly, the majority of the bricks are boring and unimaginitive; we did manage to find some a few good ones though, and we’ve included the photos below. If you’re interested in having your own custom brick, buy one online at . Prices start at price$50.

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