What kind of thought process goes into creating an official nickname or motto? Personally, I would choose something edgy and city-specific (think Austin’s motto “Keep Austin Weird”). Interestingly enough, most of Broward County’s larger municipalities have chosen to go with cliche phrases or ambigious terminology that could apply to a multitude cities (if you don’t already know, you’ll never guess what city is dubbed “the Heart Of Broward County). To help make the work day go a little quicker, the FTL Collective has developed a quiz to test your knowledge of your county’s various alternative monikers and official catchphrases. Based on my research, only 22 of the 31 municipalities have a nickname or motto. Places like the village of Lazy Lake which has a two digit population (38 people lived there in 2000) or Sea Ranch Lakes (yeah, I never heard of it either) have chosen not to describe their city with a slogan or alias.

The game is simple. Match the municipality with it’s nickname or motto. Jot the answers on your own piece of paper (EX: A3, B7, C9, etc) or print out the quiz and check the answers here. If anyone scores a legitimate 100%, I heard Fat Hand will shave FTLC in the side of his head. Good luck.

FTLCollective presents: The Broward Nicknames & Mottos Impossible Matching Quiz…..

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