Fort Lauderdale Beach Violence Caught on Tape at Blondies

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We are a Fort Lauderdale blog that loves to spread the gospel of the virtues of greater Fort Lauderdale. As a rule (vehemently stuck to in our few years of blogging) we do not disparage local businesses. We have even forgone posting blogs on which we’ve spent time and money because we live by the rule that if you do not have anything positive to say, etc. We are not here to speak negatively about local businesses, but the aggression we witnessed in this video shot outside of Dirty Blondes (f/k/a Blondies) cannot stand:

We’ve seen and heard of violent incidents involving Dirty Blondes’ bouncers before, but this video is sickening. We have no idea what happened before or after this 16 second clip, but there is nothing that we can imagine that warranted this assault from Dirty Blondes’ bouncers. Short of the one guy saying he has a bomb strapped to his chest, these bouncers need to conduct themselves in a more professional manner; hell, they need to conduct themselves in a more HUMAN manner.

What is the role of a bouncer? We’re no bouncers, but we would think it’s to reduce incidences of violence in the bar for which you are bouncing, as opposed to being the arbiter of violence meted out on random patrons. That is not how it works at Dirty Blondes, as we have heard over the years a variety of people accusing these bouncers of assault, yet the Fort Lauderdale police never seem to do anything about it. Luckily one of these violent assaults has been caught on tape.

Even if the victims of this assault had been drunk and unruly (and we do not know if they were), they were already outside of the bar and the situation seemed to be relatively calm. This was a sneak attack by a group of strong men on a couple of patrons at their bar who were not fighting back, even kicking them in the head while on the ground. One of the most gut-wrenching Fort Lauderdale videos we have seen. How can one not feel uneasy spending time on Fort Lauderdale beach when that is a video of the customer service? Oh, and after you get your head stomped, you get arrested.

Look, Dirty Blondes is a shit hole and everybody knows it. It’s a place to get rocked on the beach with scantily-clad inebriated patrons of both sexes. It’s a bit of an institution on Ft. Lauderdale beach and we’ve been known to partake in the debauchery. But it’s also known for the violence and general dickishness of its bouncers, and this violent attack is the last straw. We can no longer support this establishment. Dirty Blondes has become a black eye on our otherwise lovely beach. The video of these bouncers brutally attacking patrons is disturbing, and may have done more to discourage tourism in FTL than all the swim-suited promoters the FTL tourism bureau sends to New York during winter has done to encourage such tourism. And for those of you that continue to patronize this hole, it would be smart to keep your cameras rolling.

The bigger problem is not just these individual bouncers, however. This has been going on for awhile. The owners of Blondies should be held accountable for their employees’ actions, as this appears not to be, as Dirty Blondes initially claimed, an isolated incident. To the Parker family that was assaulted by the Dirty Blondes bouncers, good luck and God speed. To Dirty Blondes, until you change your ways we can no longer in good conscience or safety patronize your shitfest. Looks like Elbo Room it is. Good riddance.

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  • Silky Mitts

    I’ve seen people saying things like “Boycotting the business will only hurt the owners, not the bouncers.”

    The idea of boycotting the business is not to simply hurt the owner, it’s to hold the owner accountable for the people he is hiring to interact with his customers. If people continue to frequent their bar, and sales remain the same, what reason does the owner have to improve service? You hit people where it hurts, and for a business, it’s in their wallet. The bar can’t just accept bankruptcy, so again, a legitimate boycott will send these bouncers packing, and hopefully provide a better bar and experience for everyone.

  • Mike Toomey

    You should revise the article with correct information. “Blondies” has not been on Fort Lauderdale beach going on 5+ years since the property was sold. The business is “Dirty Blondes”.

  • Fat Hand

    We know…we use “Dirty Blondes” throughout much of the body of the post. The bar is still known colloquially as “Blondies,” so that’s what we used in the headline.

  • Fat Hand

    Same answer (basically)!

  • Don

    Same issue at Brick in Las Olas. I stopped going there after one of their bouncers assaulted me for trying to get to the bathroom. I used to have a roommate who knew a lot of these bouncers from being a personal trainer and he says they brag about how many people they beat up in a night for no reason.

    Keep your nose clean and stay clear of anywhere not customer friendly out here.

  • Jim Mulvey

    I’ll still be going to Dirty Blondes/Blondies on Saturdays & Sundays… And any other day I’m at the beach & looking for fun people & cheapest drink prices around.
    It’s HILARIOUS you mention The Elbow Room as the place to instead be going, where a friend of mine had his nose broken by an Elbow Room bouncer sucker-punching him a few years ago. (completely unprovoked, caught on tape) …They settled pre-trial for just under 6 figures… which is what the patrons in this video should do…. sue the establishment. That gets ownership involved real quick on hiring/firing practices.

    I’ve been to Blondies dozenssss of times over the last decade and NEVER had issue with some of the most laid back bouncers I’ve ever encountered. They are only dicks to people that are dicks.

  • EG123

    Dirty Blondes has the freshest Bud Light Limes, tho!!! Fo’ REAZL.

  • Rambo

    Wow… Jim… Sounds like someone paid you to write this review or you’re just a lush. Probably a combination of the two. And in that case you should continue to support this and other similar establishments because you’re exactly the drunk trash they want. Unless you were face down in a toilet (which you probably were if you were frequenting this place for 10+ years), you have bore witness on an event like this on more than one occassion.

    NEWS FLASH: It’s not spring break and these were not kids. Any DECENT business owner would definitely instill that their customer deserves to be handle in a respectful way. At this point, the most respectful thing the owners of Dirty Blondes can do is close their doors, apologize profusely, FIRE THEIR ENTIRE STAFF and renovate that shit hole and then apologize profusely some more, amicably settle with these people once and for all, and maybe see if the community is interested in even letting you have another opportunity.

  • boboadobo

    black racist scum

  • Rambo

    I bet you like that lime-a-rita shit, too. You probably have too much herpes in your mouth to actually taste anything. You probably got that herpes from Dirty Blondes.

  • boboadobo

    the racist black scum need arrested, the owner needs to go out of business, he/she hired these black Nazis.
    why did the cops not arrest those goons? but they arrested the victims?
    was some $$$$$ and corrupt cops involved?

  • Rambo

    And the moral of the story is… don’t trust any business with”Dirty” in the name. Probably an indication of their business ethics, the type of employees they hire and the FLPD they have on their payroll.

  • Fat Hand

    Yo, thanks for reading but there is no need to make this incident a race issue. This is a bar violence and beach bouncer issue. No need to view it as anything more than that. Also, we are all for calling out police corruption, but just as the attackers in this assault were of various races, corruption is not particular to any certain race . Thanks again for the click.

  • boboadobo

    first off corrupt cops come in all colors, no doubt.(never said or implied otherwise) but on the bouncer situation two white guys sucker punched and sucker choked standing outside the bar and the attackers (ie bouncers) are both black, it is not going out on a limb to think race was an issue .

  • Fat Hand

    We do not agree, but that’s ok. Either way, it was completely unnecessary and hopefully charges are forthcoming.

  • boboadobo

    I respect your opinion and on a side I hope FT LAUDERDALE keeps chugging along on it’s way to becoming the world class place it is meant to be!

  • Jim Mulvey

    far from a lush, “Rambo”… and yeah, you’re right, someone paid me to write a “review” saying the assaulted patrons need to sue the establishment(i.e. them)…., moron.

    I found it funny(and myself wondered if they may have been paid) when Fat Hand opted to tell everyone they should head to Elbow Room instead, where I know it is absolutely no better.(RE: violent bouncers)

    Your judgments and (negative)conclusions/assumptions only show your ignorance. (including your “herpes” response to someone who was clearly making a pointless joke)
    I don’t frequent the place(averages out to less than once a month), hasn’t been 10 PLUS years(lived in Broward 8, visited prior), I’ve never been face down in a toilet there, and you are absolutely wrong with, “you have bore witness on an event like this on more than one occasion.”…WRONG.
    Like I said when I ended my post; I’ve never had issue with a Dirty Blondes’ bouncer being disrespectful to me & the two times I can think of that they were involved with removal of patrons it was absolutely warranted and force was not used. (I’ve never seen any of the bouncers from the video)

    and, ummm, NEWS FLASH: if it was spring break and these were kids….. it’s still appalling & unacceptable behavior for bouncers!

    was this wrong?…. absolutely!
    should EVERYONE be fired for the actions of a few? absolutely not.
    do changes need to be made to their hiring/firing procedures? absolutely
    does the place have to be shut down, completely renovated, then ownership beg the community to reopen? absolutely not.

    “Rambo”, you speak of this establishment/employees needing to show respect, yet you come out blasting your opinions showing none.
    You need worry a little less about casting your judgments/assumptions of strangers and focus more on practicing what you preach…
    (per one of Rambo’s posts from 6mo ago)
    “…choose our words wisely and to be more thoughtful of that which is spewed into the electronic universe.”

  • Jim Mulvey

    …this coming from a person that commented “this is wonderful.” on an article informing prescriptions would not be required for the morning-after pill.

  • Fat Hand

    I wish somebody would pay me to write for this blog, but no, unfortunately Elbo Room was the only bar I could think of that is on that strip that has a different owner. Back in the good old days of 2010 I would have suggested the Pirate Bar.

  • Jim Mulvey

    it would make more sense to accuse you of being paid (boycotting/suggesting another bar) vs. me… who suggested the assaulted sue the establishment that’s supposedly paying me to post on their behalf…..

    Regardless, I know you were not paid by ER, and I figured as much regarding other bars(same owners).

    I definitely wasn’t trying to accuse you of that, although I see that “wondered” can leave that open to seeming like I believe it.
    was just saying the thought crossed my mind… but I did NOT say that I didn’t think it to be the case.
    Sorry about that.
    Unfortunately, the only ones getting paid here will be the lawyers…. and hopefully the assaulted patrons.

  • Miss Z

    didnt you see that the one bouncer in the corner who tried to hit the white guy who was on the floor was also WHITE

  • Rambo

    Yes, Jim. What does one have to do with the other?

  • Rambo

    Jim… Stalk people much? You’re a real creep. Nevertheless, your lack of pertinent observations is lackluster and worthless. You might consider that your ownership of such poorly conveyed thoughts is ultimately the demise of any comprehensible debate on such subject matter.

    Get a life and a clue and maybe get into an arguement with someone dumber than you. k-thanx-bye

  • Mike Wise


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