3 Songs By Pompano Beach Post-Punk Band Retrocities

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Pompano Beach's Retrocities CD imageRetrocities is a post-punk trio from Pompano Beach, the city with apparently “Florida’s Warmest Welcome” (surprisingly not listed on our impossible Broward nicknames quiz post from 2010).  And while the city’s controversial claim might describe the friendliness of Pompano-ites, it surely doesn’t portray Retrocities‘ sullen, shoeglazed, Joy Division-y anthems… that is, unless by “warm” the city planners actually meant the feeling of whiskey in your chest, and by “welcome” they meant “sad goodbyes”.

Band members Corey, Vitek, and Derek are no strangers to the FTLC. We included the band in one of our Local Music Roundups and they performed at both our launch and anniversary party (man, that was a good music lineup)— proof that we dig the band’s sound. These latest tracks, Radio, Signals, and the slowed-down North don’t deviate much from their signature retro sound. Frankly, that’s cool with us (see The Strokes for a band that deviated too much… One Way Trigger, sigh).

Stream the tracks below, and see what I mean. Then, scroll a bit further down as the band answered some of our questions.



BONUS TRACK, they don’t even know I’m posting it. Hope it’s cool

The band was kind enough to answer my

What’s the band been up to?

We’ve been laying low as usual. We are finally releasing recordings that were lying around at least a year or more that recently got mixed and mastered. We consider these songs our first real upcoming EP prior to the last EP which was 5 songs recorded live in 2 days and was released just to give someone an idea of us before they took time to even consider going out to one of our shows. And since we’ve been around since late 2008 and are finally letting real songs out this is a big jump for us.The past 5 years we played 1 show to maybe 2 shows a month with no real recordings to go from and basically said to people “just come out and watch” Not saying these songs we’ve recently released are making us popular but they’ve definitely gave us a little nudge toward getting out there with everyone. We just like keeping it simple, and thats how its always been. We like to keep things fresh and not wear things out. The last month we’ve got the most attention we’ve had in years. It feels weird cause we are not used to feedback, reviews, or a lot of fans. So this could be a rise for us or just another fall for us. Either way we are gonna continue to do what we do no matter what. We like doing this.

Top 5 bands the band listens to (not including Joy Division).

The top 5 bands we listen to vary so much from week to week. Like one week it could be Blur, then the next week Tears for Fears, then the next week the Go-Go’s. So we can’t really sum it up to just 5 cause that would just change again next week.

Any upcoming shows in the area?

We have no upcoming shows in the area. It seems quite hard to get a local show these days. We always seem to be getting the shows in the Palm beach and Miami area. Which isn’t a bad thing. But sometimes its just nice to play somewhere close where you know most of your friends can make it out.

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