Green Room was a special nightclub to Fort Lauderdale’s alternative crowd for a handful of years. Why was it so special? I think it was appreciated because it was the only venue in downtown Fort Lauderdale that regularly booked original bands, hung original local art, hosted original parties, played everything BUT Top 40, and had the balls to try something different like invite skin suspensionists to hang from the ceilings or organize a mildly irresponsible gathering of unruly zombies to devour Himmarshee Village traffic. Sadly, the club dissolved a little less than a year ago, and has been replaced with a handcrafted cocktail spot Bar Stache.

This Saturday, Green Room’s Black Friday resident LinderSMASH organized a reunion of sorts at C&I Studios’ Next Door bar, a craft cocktail bar in the heart of art hub FAT Village. In addition to Linder, other Green Room DJs Kaos, TONX, and myself (Mig) will be playing tunes reminiscent of the late nights at GR. The only reason I say it’s a reunion ‘of sorts’ is because a)long time Digital Love and GR Saturday DJ Andie Sweetswirl will not be on hand and b) the reunion shifted focus as of late to be a benefit for Jonny Veo– a friend, Green Room bartender, and a key contributer to the nights and weekly parties. Unfortunately, Jonny was sabotaged late night in downtown Fort Lauderdale by a chronic meathead, and has had all kinds of expensive reconstructive surgery to repair the damage. All the money from the door and art raffles will go towards helping Jonny out with his medical bills. Below is the info on the party, but this post ISN’T OVER. Keep scrolling. 

A Kitten For Jonny –  A Benefit Dance Party & Reunion, Saturday, 3/15/14, 10pm at C&I Studios’ Next Door, 541 NW 1st Ave, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301, $10 at the door (all door money goes to help out a friend). More info on the party can be found on the Facebook event page

We got a ridiculous amount of blog posts to help you remember all the Digital Loves, Black Fridays, and Brown Bag Wednesdays; rather than write another post, I figured I’ll just link them below for you to click around. Quick note: these posts were written by me while I was Marketing Manager at Green Room, hence some of the wording might seem strange. I’m working on editing them all, just haven’t had the time. 

Here you go, in no particular order (except the first one, which I like a lot):

21 Signs You Went To Black Friday at Green Room

A Buzzfeed-style post targeted to people that regularly frequented Black Friday. One of FTL Collective’s most socially shared posts.

Pocket Of Lollipops is to The Butchers, As [Blank] is to [Blank]

A photoshop masterpiece that involves Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Charles Manson, and Emilio Estevez.

The State Of Comments On The State Of Music

I interviewed the popular Miami band The State Of prior to one of their performances at the GR.

3 Ways To Receive A Free Colt 45 At Brown Bag Wednesday

An entertaining post that explains how to get a free tall boy of Colt 45 at our weekly hip hop party. Teaser: one of the ways involved Scottie Pippen.

Digital Love’s Backstory, Co-Founder DJ Andie Sweetswirl Reminisces

Influential GR organizer Andie Sweetswirl opens up about the start of Digital Love, and essentially the start of club.

The Debut Of Beach Day’s Unofficial Music Video (That We Made)

Beach Day owes their recent success to this mash-up music video I made for them that involves one of their first singles and MTV The Grind. Side note: they owe me nothing. They rock. 

Stream & Download The Digital Love Mixtape

Lots of free local music to commemorate year one of the weekly Thursday indie dance party Digital Love.

Our First (And Only) Fan Video Comes From India… Huh?

A really bizarre video that we got from India. Just watch for yourself.

Video: Black Friday’s Star Wars Party Footage

An incredible video shot by Nick Sears that recaps one of the venue’s most fun nights.

REBEL Don’t Give A Sh*t!

Miami band REBEL sabotages a McDonalds ball pit and The Jungle Queen. Need I say more.

White Ring Vs DMX, Another Green Room Original

Witch house weirdos and former crack heads unite in another music video mash-up. It actually goes together pretty good.

Green Room Kitten Empire Gazette, Caturday Saturday Is Near

Speaking of Jonny Veo, his obsession with cats is a major reason the theme party Caturday Saturday was born. This fake and hilarious kitten newspaper was his baby.

3 Tips For Curing A Freestyle Battle Mental Block, ‘Conquer The Mic’ Tonight

I know nothing about freestyling, and am pretty sure I would be destroyed if I tried. That being said, I give advice to the people participating in our first Brown Bag freestyle competition.

The Mission Veo Talks About The New EP & Namedrops Jeff Goldblum, CD Release Party Tonight

Jonny Veo’s popular band The Mission Veo answer some of my questions before their release party.

Stream Music By 9 Bands That Played Fort Lauderdale’s Block X Blog

Local creative collective Subculture organized a 3 venue music festival in GR, Revolution, and America’s Backyard. On this post you can stream about 1/4 of the bands.

Stream Music By 9 (More) Bands From Block X Blog Festival

A continuation from the above post. This only completed about 1/2 the lineup.


That’s all I got. Which was your favorite posts or memory from Green Room?

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