21 Signs You Went To Black Friday at Green Room

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Update: Black Friday is now 3 years old and back in Fort Lauderdale at Bar Stache.

Fort Lauderdale’s premiere counterculture party Black Friday thrived for 2 interesting years. Maintaining any weekly party this long in Broward County is quite a feat, let alone a ‘niche’ party such as Black Friday. Congratulations to the team that has kept it going– now at Vagabond in Miami– since 2011 (full disclosure: I worked at Green Room).

To commemorate their 2 year anniversary, Miami new wave band Astari Nite performed (check out their great dance single Pyramids) alongside reunited Shattered Glass Playground. Burlesque dancers, fire dancers, and aerialists were on hand. Resident DJ’s & Black Friday founders LinderSMASH and Kaos spun all night.

To switch things up a bit, I decided to try to ‘write’ a Buzzfeed-style article to remember the weekly party. Because I am a fan, but wouldn’t consider myself an avid attendee, I probably missed some good ones. Feel free to comment with things I should add. I hope you enjoy.

1. You walk on the patio when a live band goes on…






unless they’re playing songs by these guys








or these guys


 or definitely these guys


 played by these guys.


2. You’ll never forgive the local band that DARED to play 2 original songs during a NIN tribute.

Goddamn Hustle Video Release Party (Green Room 4-13-2012)_by Ian Witlen-17









3. These local bands are cool.



4. You’ve unsuccessfully tried to describe Black Friday, (wait for it) without using the word goth or fetish








and you end up using a variation of goth anyway, like gothy or goth-esque or, heck, upside down crosses.








5. Even though sometimes the party can look kind of fetish-y, THIS IS NOT A FETISH PARTY! 7-17-2013 11-18-41 PM






6. You love cosplay, and will find any excuse to wear a costume out


or latex.


7. You recognize this flyer.
















8. You’ve experienced thee true Fort Lauderdale Zombie Walk


and kind of feel bad for local zombie walks that try to compete.








 9. Man, that Star Wars party kicked ass.

















10. You enjoy watching non-suspecting America’s Backyard customers wander in








and watching them stay all night.






11. You’ve anticipated the door girl’s latest costume (what up Kayla).


12. You’ve been served drinks by The Kitten Emperor (what up Jonny).








13. You like tattoos








and you like going to tattoo art shows.

7-17-2013 11-42-08 PM









14. You’ve stayed on the dance floor from the beginning of the night to the end.









15. You’ve waited outside of Green Room, waiting for a bar mitzvah to let out.








16. You remember seeing a photo on Facebook of an old man with a string tied around his genitals.






and then you didn’t see it because someone at Green Room probably got scolded for posting photos of an old man with a string tied to his genitals on Facebook.










17. You’re into burlesque.









18. You’ve witnessed a human piñata.

7-17-2013 11-56-31 PM

19. You know this place.


20. You have a good friend that dreams of being a Power Ranger.


21. You’ve either requested for MORE industrial









or less industrial






and then realize that LinderSMASH and Kaos know what they’re doing (chillax).



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