Stream Miami Band Astari Nite’s DJ-friendly Single ‘Pyramids’

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The album cover for Astair Nite's new LP

It’s been too long since the FTL Collective caught up with Miami retro act Astari Nite– May 2011 in fact, when FTLC co-founder Strawberry Jam previewed Astari Nite’s outstanding self titled EP release. The lull in coverage though was mainly due to us being (lamely) inactive, definitely not to the new wave foursome laying low. Since we last caught up with the band (think The Cure, Peter Murphy, New Order, etc), they’ve recorded a bunch of new material with Grammy-winning producer Steve Thompson, gone on multiple tours,  headlined premiere counterculture parties in the area, and apparently re-vamped their sound.

This latest track Pyramids is a strong move towards bringing Astari Nite’s music to the dance floor, without sacrificing their signature 80’s throwback feel. I’ve been a fan of the band since the first time I saw them perform at now defunct Fort Lauderdale indie speakeasy 1921 back in 2011, and this new DJ-friendly single (full disclosure, I’m a temporarily retired indie DJ) could be my favorite release by them. Black Friday and Fetish Factory DJs take heed, this track is a worthy inclusion in your set lists.

I was fortunate enough to sneak in a few questions with frontman Mychael Ghost about the new single and upcoming LP…

Pyramids has a very dance-driven sound, much more than past material. What’s triggered the slight change in sound?

Our Producer Steve Thompson is to blame. His vision and sense of direction has guided us to our new found sound. I believe his years of experience in this industry had a slight bit to do with it as well. Needless to say, adding Adam Batley on keyboards set the night on fire.

Can we expect more songs like this on the new album?

Absolutely, our intent was to re-vamp our sound which is what you will hear on this record.

I can imagine this song being played by some of our local alternative DJs, especially on industrial and new wave nights. How do you react when you hear your song being played in a club? Do you dance or is it kind of like a band wearing their own t-shirt on stage?

I think being observant comes to mind. For any DJ to play “Pyramids” or any other future track of Astari Nite is a true blessing and we appreciate it so very much. We have gotten airplay in several other states already, and the response was warm. Then you have local favorites like yourself, DJ Essential6, Ray Milian, and Dan Povtin (Danxiey) whom have taken a liking to it. Perhaps we are doing something right.

You have any Broward shows coming up where we can hear this song live?

Respectable Street on May 18th will be our closest show to that zip code, This event will be in support of our single “Pyramids” which of course will performed that evening.

Download the track (ahem, local DJs) on Astari Nite’s Bandcamp and share with your friends. 

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